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#actors who are actually their character

the greatest casting ever.

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ive been doing a four series workout everyday, now i just need to start running in the morning and by april ill be so toned:)


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im craving for a new tattoo


really want a crescent moon tattoo, i’ve been obsessed with the night sky for my whole life. i remember waking up at 3am and watching an eclipse until 6am on a SCHOOL NIGHT (morning? lol). i just love the moon so much.

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  • this weekend was amazing :) 
  • friday went to the huanted hayride
  • saturday helped ronny set up, went and had such a great time at the halloween party with luke we went as matching cowboy/cowgirl and the cops crashed it
  • i got to spend the night with him for the first time :)
  • woke up and his parents made an amazing dinner for luke his brother and sister and i and we all watched football then luke and i took the dogs for a walk and went to church and watched the walking dead:)
  • hes so amazing…….
  • these have been the best 3 weeks ever
  • wednesday im going over to his house for halloween and then saturday is my birthday so i hope i get to see him then :)